The big picture group assignment focused on creating a wayfinding system for a nonprofit organization. I was put in charge of making the email we sent out, the poster they used, and wristbands attendees would wear so we could count how many people attended the festival.
In the class Designing for a Brand, I was to make an ad campaign for Heinz 150th anniversary. I did this through the addition of a new mascot. This mascot is featured on all the advertisements used including a billboard, bus ad, and    Snapchat filter.
This is an infographic resume project. Each subsection in the last image folds out to show each of the 5 spreads created to show my resume with                        different infographics.
This is a group project for Editorial Design. I was in charge of organizing all of the information and graphic design solutions into one booklet.
This is a single-food serving package. The brand I created, A Night on the Town, features different foods from around the world and features the skyline of those places on the packaging. In this example, the food choices and skyline are from Tokyo, Japan.
This project involved creating an app for the local zoo. It includes information for the adults to navigate the zoo as well as games for the kids to play when they get back home.
This project was to take a personal journey an show it through infographics. I decided to categorize my whole music library and put it into the infographics seen above. They address genres, artists, and album colors.
This is a typography project in which the class was assigned to create a typeface using FontStruct and then display that typeface in a poster. I chose to name my typeface intergalactic and theme the poster accordingly.
In this infographic project, the students were to show a cradle-to-cradle or    cradle-to-grave life cycle of an appliance. I chose to do the life cycle of a microwave to show how much of the material can be reused if properly recycled.
I created materials in Editorial Design for a graphic design convention in Portland, Oregon. The convention is called TypeCon. I made a logo, bag design, postcard, and name badge.
This is my senior project where I chose to redesign classic book covers. These covers would be pitted against other designers on the website, CoverClash. Then the winning designer would have copies of the book with their new cover sold on the website. All proceeds would go to helping support child literacy.
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